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Like the CDR engine, the CEL engine has gone through quite a bit of rework due to the bridging changes in Asterisk 12 and its refactoring on top of the Stasis message bus.

Due to the Stasis refactoring, the CEL engine is now significantly more self-contained in Asterisk 12 than it was in Asterisk 11. All events except for user defined events (even these are delivered via Stasis) are now generated from the same Stasis messages that many other parts of Asterisk consume to monitor the state of channels, bridge, ongoing dial attempts, and other events.

Due to changes in the bridging system, AST_CEL_BRIDGE_UPDATE (masquerade related) has been removed and equivalent events are now indicated with conference change records, bridge change records, bridge to conference transition records, and local channel optimization records.

See the wiki article on this subject for more details:


Diff: https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/2687/diff/


The reworked CEL engine has many new unit tests located under /main/cel on the CLI.



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