[asterisk-dev] Asterisk 12 pjproject installation testing needed!

Matthew Jordan mjordan at digium.com
Fri Jul 12 21:55:02 CDT 2013

Hey all!

As you know, Asterisk 12 includes a new SIP stack built on pjproject. As
part of the work for Asterisk 12, we've pulled pjproject out of Asterisk
and modified pjproject's build system to produce shared object libraries.
The modified version of pjproject is available on github [1].

While we've done a fair amount of testing of the build system -
predominately on CentOS 6 (for which we've produced packages of the
modified pjproject) and on our local development machines - which range
from Fedora to Ubuntu to OS X - we really need some additional testing of
the build system before releasing Asterisk 12.

Because pjproject itself embeds a number of third party libraries, getting
pjproject properly configured for a distribution/environment can be a bit
tricky. We've taken the current findings and issues that people have run
into and put together a page on the Asterisk wiki here:


Note that the target audience of that page are Asterisk users, so we want
to get as much useful information on there as possible.

Ensuring that building and installing pjproject is as painless as possible
will be critical to the success of Asterisk 12. No one is going to try out
the new SIP functionality if they can't get its dependencies to build and
install :-)

If you'd like to help us test it out, please reply to this e-mail with
whatever distro you're willing to test it on.

If you find any problems, please also reply to this e-mail and we can work
out what configure options may be needed, what needs to be changed in the
build system, updated on the wiki page, etc.

In particular, we'd like to make any last changes to the build system
before we push the changes back up stream to Teluu. So this is our
opportunity to get it right!



[1] https://github.com/asterisk/pjproject

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