[asterisk-dev] Accomodation functionality between rtsp and app_mp4 in a sample dialplan

Raymond Muranganwa mranganwarey at gmail.com
Sat Jul 6 08:32:27 CDT 2013

i managed to set up a simple dialplan

exten => 2000,1,Answer()
exten => 2000,n,Rtsp(rtsp://
exten => 2000,n, Hangup()

which play a video stream from vlc. Need help with how i include the
gotoif(), mp4save() and mp4Play() in a diaplan to perform the
sequence of functionalities.
1.Start a video stream from vlc in asterisk(managed to do the operation)
=>assign a variable to the video stream exten=>2000,1,set(Rtsp(rtsp:// not sure if its practical here
=> if i dial an extension 2001, i intend to check if the resource ${stream}
declared is being serviced by a softphone (linphone)
=> if busy with that resource, using conditional branching execute the
gotoif() application that directs to a a step in the
     diaplan with the mp4save function,initialise the saving of the video
from vlc, and patch the call though,
=>play hello-world(  Playback(hello-world))
=>and finaly reinitialize playing using mp4play on termination of call

Thank you..
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