[asterisk-dev] [BOUNTY] Posting bounties on the Dev list

David Duffett dduffett at digium.com
Thu Jan 31 07:18:15 CST 2013

Following the recent useful exchange on the posting of bounties on this list, it seems the weight of opinion is to allow the practice under certain circumstances. 

So bounties of a minimum individual offer of at least $500 for either a bug fix or new feature for Asterisk will now be allowed on this list. 

It would be helpful if those posting a bounty included [BOUNTY] in the subject line (as I have done), thus allowing folk to filter one way or another. 

The wiki page that covers this is at: https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/Asterisk+Bug+Bounties 

Posts regarding a job vacancy or contract work should still be posted on the Biz list, and not here. 

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