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David Duffett dduffett at digium.com
Mon Jan 21 11:26:19 CST 2013

Hello there, 

We've had a number of requests to post bounties for Asterisk development work on this list. 

In the past, bounty and job posts have been confined to the Biz list. 

Some make the point that the kind of people on this list (those concerned with the development of software) probably never look at the Biz list, and therefore posting a bounty for some dev work on the Biz list in not a useful thing to do. 

Others make the point that this list is specifically for discussions around the development of the project, and that anything outside of that should therefore not be allowed. 

What do you think? 

Should bounties for specific tasks like bug fixes, etc. be posted in the Dev list? 

Please make any strongly held views know! 


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