[asterisk-dev] [Code Review]: add queue pause device states for queue member/queues

Paul Belanger paul.belanger at polybeacon.com
Sat Jan 19 18:57:10 CST 2013

On 13-01-18 03:34 PM, p_lindheimer wrote:
>> On Jan. 17, 2013, 9:37 a.m., Matt Jordan wrote:
>>> I don't see any problem with this going into trunk.
>>> As for Asterisk 11, the best approach is probably to see if anyone has any objections on the asterisk-dev list (which this review will go out to, but sometimes people don't read all of the code reviews).
> I understand this is 'a feature request' which we shy away from in almost all cases for released branches. However, it's an example of an 'extremely low risk' change that one could call a grey area bug fix. State information is fundamental to Asterisk for features like this and not having such state information really does border on a grey are bug/feature. Maybe better stated as 'an oversight' for not being included in the first place. In comparison to the much more invasive feature done back in 1.4 adding device state information to queue members to get around a 'grey area bug' this one is much lower risk.
> Also, if I understood correctly at Astricon, there is no more phones branch and new Digium phone features will be done in the main 11 branch. If that understanding is correct, this would definitely be a phone oriented feature. The fact that other phones beyond Digium can take advantage of it is not really relevant, and the super low invasiveness of the patch would make it much less risk then many other changes that have been made for Digium phones.
> In any event, this is part of the Asterisk RPM with the FreePBX distro and is already being deployed by the thousands and quickly more. Our goal is to get it in the format that is approved by this board. Beyond that, I guess we can weigh the tradeoff between accepting it into 11 while 11 is very young or having a divergent feature that will eventually be on tens of thousands of Asterisk installations but inconsistent with the official branch.
I'm curious why the development of this was not done with getting it 
merged into trunk before Asterisk 11 was tagged? Rather then afterwards?

When did the FreePBX team set out to develop this feature?  I only ask 
because it might be worth your time to bring you time-line more in line 
with Asterisk to avoid these requests in the future.

Ultimately I believe what you have already done is the best approach, at 
this point in time. Patching your RPM release to include this feature. 
Ideally, this will allow you to get more exposure (and testing) of your 
patch.  It even might open up additional features / fixes that you need 
to do.

I'd also recommending setting up a team branch with this feature, for 
other people to grab if they choose, with auto-merging enabled.

Merging this feature it into Asterisk 11 at this point in time, while 
low risk, doesn't out way the issue it may cause down the road.  IMO.

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