[asterisk-dev] New functions to be used into Dialplan

Gustavo Walbon gustavowalbon at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 13:13:54 CST 2013


I just write a simple fuction on app_meetme.so module, but on debug console
I saw the following error:
[Jan 18 04:00:24] DEBUG[11486]: pbx.c:3101 ast_str_retrieve_variable:
Result of 'WALBON' is NULL
[Jan 18 04:00:24] DEBUG[11486]: pbx.c:4092 pbx_extension_helper: Launching
    -- Executing [s at app-meetme_conference:14] NoOp("SIP/1002-00000003", "")
in new stack
I used the NoOp function on Dialplan only for test the result of Walbon

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