[asterisk-dev] 2 Feature request

Jacob.E.Miles at L-3Com.com Jacob.E.Miles at L-3Com.com
Thu Jan 17 14:02:21 CST 2013

Feature Request #1

Add LinkedID to AMI Events, using the LinkedID to group channels that
are in the same call is very useful except for the fact that the
LinkedID is not sent in any of the AMI Events that I could find
(Asterisk  It would be very beneficial to have this key piece
of information to be sent.


Feature Request #2

Set the LinkedIDs for all participants of a Conference to match.
LinkedIDs are the easiest way of knowing which channels are linked
together and so setting the LinkedIDs for the participants of a
Conference only makes sense.



Jacob Miles

Software Engineer

jacob.e.miles at l-3com.com





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