[asterisk-dev] astcanary exits immediately in 10.12.0

Walter Doekes walter+asterisk-dev at osso.nl
Thu Jan 17 03:46:55 CST 2013

Hi Jakob,

> The reason is obviously a change made to main/asterisk.c. In 10.11.1,
> ast_mainpid is updated right after daemon(), in 10.12.0 it is updated
> _after_ astcanary is started, so astcanary gets the old pid (the process
> starting doing the daemon()).
> Trivial fix (with a little cleanup) is attached. If you need an issue in
> your JIRA for this, I can do that too.

Thanks for the patch.

Policy forbids devs from looking at patches on the mailing list. 
(Licensing issues.) Please attach it to a Jira issue after signing the 
license agreement (if you haven't already).


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