[asterisk-dev] Removal of svn:externals in Asterisk branches

Jason Parker jparker at digium.com
Wed Jan 16 11:05:13 CST 2013

As part of the research towards potentially moving Asterisk to git (If you
weren't already aware of this...umm...SURPRISE!), we've come to the conclusion
that we can no longer use svn:externals.  Keeping a similar setup would be very
difficult to handle, and would provide zero benefit.

Asterisk branches currently use two svn:externals : menuselect and mxml
(indirectly, through menuselect).  As of Asterisk 1.8 (where asterisk-addons was
merged into Asterisk) and DAHDI 2.4 (?), menuselect is used only by Asterisk -
this makes the path forward pretty obvious.

What we've settled on, at this point, is simply merging menuselect and mxml
directly into the Asterisk branches (1.8, 10, 11, and trunk).  In theory, no
code will need to change at all.  The changes will be with subversion properties
in the merged directories and the way in which changes are merged.  Since they
will become a part of Asterisk, the merging would be done in exactly the same
manner that Asterisk merges are done today.

I'd like to get several things from the folks on this list.

1) A review of the plan.  Why might this be a bad idea?  Any unforeseen issues?
2) A "review" of the branch.  Does it function as expected?  Do any of your
scripts now fail?
3) Cookies.


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