[asterisk-dev] Bugs 20440, 20462, 20747 and 20675

David Kerr david.a.kerr at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 10:17:12 CST 2013

Asterisk Developers.... What can/should I do to get fixes to the subject
bugs progressed into the code base?  I have provided patches for all.  I
understand that they should go through a code-review process but I don't
have access to that system (and don't really want it) so I need someone
with the power to commit fixes to "adopt" these and help push them through.

These all address SLA bugs and are confined to app_meetme.c  In my opinion
two of the bugs (20440 and 20462) are critical -- SLA outbound is broken
for SIP trunks without the fixes. 20747 is highly desirable and 20675 is

I have tested the patches extensively with various dialplan setups and with
SIP and Gtalk trunks.

Thank you,
David K.
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