[asterisk-dev] Asterisk 11; WEBRTC firefox nightly build fingeprint sha-256

Mitja Kaučič mitjaka at cde.si
Fri Feb 22 10:40:50 CST 2013

Hello Joshua and Matthew.

I would be happy to contribute with a patch.
I just need folowing info:
1. With witch client can i test the current implementation of DTLS-SRTP on asterisk?

2. To configure DTLS-SRTP properly is it enough to just set dtlsenable=yes do i need dtlsSverify and to set dtls certificats for a basic functionality?

That is all. I need a working client so that i can start with a working example and  then work toward getting it work on firefox.

Regars M

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On 01/08/2013 07:23 AM, Mitja Kaučič wrote:
> Hello Joshua,
> yes that is the SDP that mozzila generates now. They generate only sha-256 fingerprint but accept all SHS variants
> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=825515
> Maybe because sha-256 is more secure.


> Do you plan to come together with mozzila into a agrement for the SDP format and WEBRTC implementation or is that something that is not on your aggenda? And google implementation is also changing and in flux do you want to be interoperable with firefox and mozzila?
> Because that is something we would need, to be done.

One comment here.

Asterisk is an open source project. Anyone can write a patch and ask
that it be included in the project; this includes adding support for
WebRTC features that they may need. While we certainly plan on making
Asterisk interoperate with the major browsers - once they stabilize so
that we don't chase a moving target - it is hugely appreciated when
interested parties contribute more than just requests for functionality.

We're here to help assist with people who decide to work on Asterisk
development, so if you absolutely *need* functionality in Asterisk that
isn't there, patches are a great start.

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