[asterisk-dev] [Code Review] Add The Status Of A Module To The Output Of "CLI> module show"

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Fri Feb 15 11:00:20 CST 2013

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When a module's configuration is not loadable, we still load the module itself but it is not in a running state.  When trying to troubleshoot, let's say, why chan_motif was ignoring inbound XMPP traffic, there is no way to indicate that a loaded module is not currently running.

This patch:
* Adds a column that will show the status of the module

Module                         Description                              Use Count  Status
res_xmpp.so                    Asterisk XMPP Interface                  0          Running

Module                         Description                              Use Count  Status
chan_motif.so                  Motif Jingle Channel Driver              0          Not Running

This addresses bug ASTERISK-21108.


  /trunk/channels/chan_motif.c 381426 
  /trunk/include/asterisk/module.h 381426 
  /trunk/main/cli.c 381426 
  /trunk/main/loader.c 381426 

Diff: https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/2331/diff


Tested this on dev box.



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