[asterisk-dev] pjproject review (code.asterisk.org), support shared libraries.

Jason Parker jparker at digium.com
Wed Feb 13 11:30:17 CST 2013

Since our version of Review Board doesn't properly support git repos, I'm having
to use Crucible for this - please bear with me.  If you have any trouble
reviewing things on there, let Matt Jordan (Matt, watch out for the bus!) or I
know, and we can try to fix things up.

As part of the effort towards building proper packages for pjproject, I was
tasked with adding support for shared libraries.

Libraries build and link.  Binaries execute.  Installation works (other than
potentially missing an ldconfig).

The entirety of this review consists of build system changes.  Here be dragons.


(For testing purposes, this code currently lives in the patch/shared-libraries
branch on git://github.com/asterisk/pjproject.git)

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