[asterisk-dev] app_alarmreceiver troubleshooting

Dimitar Penev dpn at switchvoice.com
Wed Feb 13 05:09:50 CST 2013

Hi Kaloyan,

Thanks for the pointers!

> Hi,
> On Tue, 12 Feb 2013 23:57:53 +0200, "Dimitar Penev" <dpn at switchvoice.com>
> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I have issue with an app_alarmreceiver() on my PC with asterisk-
> There are mane bugfixes and new features for app_alarmreceiver() in
> Asterisk 11. Please test with the latest version as you issues may have
> been fixed already.
Yes meanwhile I have found that you guys did some job around alarmreceiver()
and I have tested the asterisk trunk. Unfortunately I got the same 
I have enabled the DTMF debuging and what I see is that asterisk gets
Mnually confirmed that the message sent is:

Asterisk detects:
11111816280004 [pause] 11
Asterisk waits to get 16 digits in total and the last 11 is actually the 
next retry alarm pannel is sending
So it seems Asterisk is missing few tones at the end.
I have experiment with dtmf_hits_to_begin and dtmf_misses_to_end from 
dsp.conf with no improvement

> P.S.
> as a side note you are most likely using ALAW, while app_alarmreceiver()
> from asterisk- has only ULAW - this is the most likely reason for
> your DTMF problems

I have confirmed that my SIP link is using ulaw codec.
Or did I misundestood your remark?
To clarify on the picture I have sent on my first email 'Asterisk device 1'
is an embedded PBX runing Asterisk 1.4  and having FXS interface.
I am getting to the point that this device is modifying my TDM stream
and my alarmreceiver on the PC box is not what making the issues.
I will try with an ATA instead hopfully this time get my Contact ID 

Thank you for the help!
Dimitar Penev 

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