[asterisk-dev] app_alarmreceiver troubleshooting

Dimitar Penev dpn at switchvoice.com
Tue Feb 12 15:57:53 CST 2013

Hi All,

I have issue with an app_alarmreceiver() on my PC with asterisk-

I have a the following setup:
               _____________________             _______________________
              | Asterisk device 1  |            | Asterisk- - PC |
alarmpanel -> |FXS port            | --- SIP ---| alarmreceiver()       |
              |                    |            |                       |
               --------------------              ------------------------

I have managed to record the Contact ID message on Asterisk device 1 using 
I have analyzed it and the result is
alarmreceiver log                       -> 1111181628000411 (check sum fail)
manual analysis based on the recordings -> 1111181628010004 (check sum OK)

So I am wondering what could be wrong with my PC running Asterisk- 
and the
alarmreceiver application. The alarmreceiver uses the native asterisk DTMF 
It is interesting that the data initially are recognized by Asterisk OK and 
then it starts detecting wrong.

This PC has no dahdi card. Could it be a timing source related?

Or do you think it may be SIP jitterbuffer related?

Any suggestions for further investigation are appreciated.

Best Regards

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