[asterisk-dev] Recommendations for using a SIP stack with Asterisk

Mark Michelson mmichelson at digium.com
Fri Nov 9 15:28:34 CST 2012

In the thread introducing the SIP project page, there were opinions 
expressed saying that it would be a bad idea to bundle a SIP stack 
alongside Asterisk. I want to move that discussion out of that thread so 
that it can focus more on the SIP project page instead.

Rather than focusing on what we shouldn't do, I'd like to hear from the 
people who are against the idea of bundling a SIP stack with Asterisk 
about what they would like as an alternative. Keep in mind the following 
four points:

1. If we use PJSIP, no distros have packages for it. If we use 
ReSIProcate, then distro package support is limited. We cannot, as an 
alternative to bundling it with Asterisk, tell people to use their 
distro's package.

2. There is a 100% chance that, no matter which SIP stack we use, we 
will need to make modifications to suit Asterisk's needs.

3. If users are forced to do something arcane in order to be able to 
upgrade to Asterisk 12 and use the new SIP channel driver, they simply 
won't do it.

4. Users will not tolerate having to wait for patches to be merged 
upstream in order to provide fixes for their SIP issues.

With all of these in mind, what do you suggest the Asterisk project does 
in order to use a third-party SIP stack?

Mark Michelson

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