[asterisk-dev] Wrong SIP to SIP SIP Cause mapping

Matthew Jordan mjordan at digium.com
Fri May 25 13:42:48 CDT 2012

> Hi!
>   There is a patch, which IMHO fixes the problem. It's for 1.8 trunk.
>   It
> utilizes the hangup_sip2cause() function instead of the hardcoded
> cause
> values.
>   Does already exist an issue for this problem ? If yes, I would
>   submit the
> patch there. Otherwise, I can open the issue (and from my point of
> view,
> its a really SERIOUS issue because clear causes are _very_ important
> values
> in the telco business and giving totally incorrect ones can ruin your
> network (no joking, think of crankback and other advanced routing
> techniques
> based on the CC values) and thus even your business).
>   With regards,
>     Pavel

Please do not send patches to the mailing list.  Patches need to be
attached to a JIRA issue with a signed license contributor agreement.

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