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Mon May 21 19:46:20 CDT 2012

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(Updated May 21, 2012, 7:46 p.m.)

Review request for Asterisk Developers, Mark Michelson and rmudgett.


Address rmudgett's comments.


This patch fixes to situations that could cause the CEL LINKEDID_END event to be missed.

1) During a core stop gracefully, modules are unloaded when ast_active_channels == 0. The LINKDEDID_END event fires during the channel destructor. This means that occasionally, the cel_* module will be unloaded before the channel is destroyed. It seemed generally useful to wait until the refcount of all channel == 0 before unloading, so I added a channel counter and used it in the shutdown code.

2) During a masquerade, ast_channel_change_linkedid is called. It calls ast_cel_check_retire_linkedid which unrefs the linkedid in the linkedids container in cel.c. It didn't ref the new linkedid. Now it does. I also changed the logic a little, since it used to call ast_channel_linkedid_set() even when it hadn't changed (or was blank, which should be verboten).

(this patch is against trunk, but it will go in 1.8+)

Diffs (updated)

  /trunk/include/asterisk/cel.h 367201 
  /trunk/include/asterisk/channel.h 367201 
  /trunk/main/asterisk.c 367201 
  /trunk/main/cel.c 367201 
  /trunk/main/channel.c 367201 
  /trunk/main/channel_internal_api.c 367201 

Diff: https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/1900/diff


My CEL test passed 100 times or so and transferred calls no longer show an error.



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