[asterisk-dev] [Code Review] app_queue: Improvements to per member 'ringinuse' (formerly 'ignorebusy') option

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Tue May 15 10:59:24 CDT 2012

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Review request for Asterisk Developers, Mark Michelson, irroot, and Matt Jordan.


The bug was simply the catalyst for this patch. There was another patch that actually resolved this bug...

Here's the summary:
First, only the member setting for ringinuse is checked when determining whether to call the busy member or not.
The default for this value is now determined by the queue's ringinuse option rather than being standalone.

Adds the ability to specify member ringinuse value as an argument
Adds 'queue set ringinuse' CLI command for setting ringinuse for a member on the fly
Adds AMI command QueueRingInUse for setting ringinuse for a member on the fly via AMI

'ignorebusy' is now called 'ringinuse'
Legacy support for old dialplans/scripts/etc will still be matched via the QUEUE_MEMBER function argument 'ignorebusy', but 'ringinuse' works as well and is the documented argument name.
Legacy support for realtime 'ignorebusy' is in place, but at startup of the module if no instances of its use are present in the database or if a use of the 'ringinuse' field is detected, that will be used exclusively instead.

This addresses bug ASTERISK-19536.


  /trunk/CHANGES 366295 
  /trunk/apps/app_queue.c 366295 
  /trunk/configs/queues.conf.sample 366295 

Diff: https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/1919/diff


I tested a number of configurations of ringinuse for queues and members both realtime and otherwise to make sure the setting went in correctly under each case.

There is an odd quirk though for realtime in that if all the values of a field for every entry are NULL, then it will be as though that field doesn't exist at all, so if ignorebusy is present without any deliberately entered values, ringinuse will still become the defacto field name in use.  I worked at it for a while but couldn't find a workaround that didn't involve having to change every single realtime database driver.  It's not that big of a deal since if a user isn't actually using that field at all, it's unlikely they ever intended to.



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