[asterisk-dev] Fwd: [JIRA] Commented: (ASTERISK-19846) sip users/peers not matched on incoming invite when there are multiple A records in DNS

John Fawcett john.ml at erba.tv
Mon May 7 04:26:18 CDT 2012

thanks for the quick response.

On 07/05/12 11:00, Olle E. Johansson wrote:
> 7 maj 2012 kl. 10:53 skrev John Fawcett:
> [....]
>> If it does not make sense to change it, is there a way of configuring that would avoid the pitfalls of the workarounds I mentioned above. 
>> If it would make sense to change it, and assuming that someone would volunteer to make a patch, any thoughts on were that change could be made? Would it make sense that the structure of sip users and peers could store multiple ip addresses to be read from dns at configuration reload or periodically refreshed, then on an incoming call each ip would be checked?
> The right match would be to match on the domain in the From: header from the provider. 
> Matching on IP is not a good way here.
> Another way would be to have a dynamic ACL for matching in combination with the From: header.
> This all comes back to how bad the peer/user concept matches SIP. 
> Been trying to get resources to fix this for years... :-)
> We need a device called type=trunk that behaves better.
> /O
That sounds like a big investment on the code!

In the specific case I have analyzed, matching on the "From" header for
the domain would not have helped since they used the ip in the domain part.

So basically:
    incoming I have only an ip (source ip and From header)

    in sip user/peers hostname configured, but asterisk stores only 1 ip
that in my case happens to be frequently different (since provider has 4

So a couple of ways to do it (logically)


sip user/peers should store all the ips of the hostname and the
hostname, then can match against ip from INVITE (source ip or in "From"
header) or hostname


sip user/peers stores hostname, then can match against ip from INVITE
(source ip or in "From" header) or hostname. In the case of matching ip
address, it would mean a dns lookup on each invite which could not be
matched on hostname alone.


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