[asterisk-dev] [Code Review] Add CEL testing to the testsuite

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Sat May 5 12:32:45 CDT 2012

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Review request for Asterisk Developers and Matt Jordan.


This moves the CSV processing out of cdr.py into astcsv.py. CDR and CEL inherit from there. CDRTestCase is modified to allow passing expectations for CEL as well. When using CDRTestCase, one has to put in entries for *all* expected CDR or CEL entries. For CEL, that is a *lot* of entries. Instead of using CDRTestcCase to just test CDR/CELs (and only test them with Local channels), just adding a few lines of code to other existing tests might really be the best use of the CDR/CEL modules since we want to make sure CDR/CELs are correct for a wide array of situations.


  /asterisk/trunk/lib/python/asterisk/CDRTestCase.py 3204 
  /asterisk/trunk/lib/python/asterisk/astcsv.py PRE-CREATION 
  /asterisk/trunk/lib/python/asterisk/cdr.py 3204 
  /asterisk/trunk/lib/python/asterisk/cel.py PRE-CREATION 
  /asterisk/trunk/lib/python/asterisk/self_test/CELMaster1.csv PRE-CREATION 
  /asterisk/trunk/lib/python/asterisk/self_test/CELMaster2.csv PRE-CREATION 
  /asterisk/trunk/runtests.py 3204 
  /asterisk/trunk/tests/cdr/cdr_accountcode/configs/ast1/cel.conf PRE-CREATION 
  /asterisk/trunk/tests/cdr/cdr_accountcode/configs/ast1/cel_custom.conf PRE-CREATION 
  /asterisk/trunk/tests/cdr/cdr_accountcode/run-test 3204 

Diff: https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/1901/diff




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