[asterisk-dev] [Code Review] Add voicemail message IDs where needed on startup; Add message IDs to ODBC voicemail

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Wed May 2 16:04:26 CDT 2012

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There are two main things added here.

1. Voicemail APIs added in trunk rely on voicemail messages possessing a "msg_id" in their metadata. This is how messages are looked up when they are to be moved, played, removed, and forwarded. The issue is that msg_id is a new piece of data and is not present on voicemails saved in older versions of Asterisk. This patch aims to fix that. When voicemail is loaded, each user's voicemail box is searched and each message is checked for msg_id. If it is not present, one is generated and added to that message's metadata. For ODBC, I added a method that specifically is used to issue a SQL UPDATE command to set the msg_id for the message. IMAP does not have this ability because I have no idea how to alter/update stored voicemails in IMAP.

2. I noticed that the ODBC function for storing voicemails did not bother to store the msg_id. I have updated the code to do this properly.


  /team/mmichelson/trunk-digiumphones/apps/app_voicemail.c 364886 

Diff: https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/1898/diff


For 1, I have manually tested by leaving a voicemail using Asterisk 1.8 and then loading app_voicemail.so in trunk-digiumphones. The metadata file for the message had a msg_id added to it as expected.

For 2, I attempted to test leaving messages via ODBC, but I ran into failures to execute the SQL INSERT statement when storing the voicemail. I attempted on a clean trunk checkout and on a clean 1.8 checkout and got the same error, so I figure it's not necessarily a coding issue but a setup issue on my end. I figured that's not enough to stop me from posting the review now and getting my setup fixed up after. If it turns out I find any glaring bugs in the code, I'll update the diff here.



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