[asterisk-dev] libasteriskssl.so.1

Russell Bryant russell at russellbryant.net
Wed Aug 29 12:59:24 CDT 2012

On Wed, Aug 29, 2012 at 1:46 PM, Giuseppe Longo <giuseppelng at gmail.com> wrote:
> Oh, just use the command `ldconfig`
> Thanks Matthew ;)

I've seen another cause for this failure, as well.  If you're running
on 64-bit Fedora or RHEL 6 (and maybe others, but at least those),
libasteriskssl should be installed into /usr/lib64.  If you're
installing from source, Asterisk will install it to /usr/lib/ by
default, which is wrong.  To fix it, you must add an option when
running configure:

$ ./configure --libdir=/usr/lib64

Russell Bryant

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