[asterisk-dev] Bounty

Leif Madsen leif.madsen at asteriskdocs.org
Fri Sep 30 06:52:25 CDT 2011

On 29/09/11 03:06 PM, CDR wrote:
> The version I am using is Trunk.
> The case was closed because this is a new feature.
> I don't know what else to say or convey about the case. We got a SIP
> packet, and we need to parse it so the function SIP_HEADER() can read
> from it. That is not happening now.

There isn't much else to say other than you can continue to offer your 
bounty for the feature request you posted. The way the SIP_HEADER() 
works now, is that it will only retrieve headers from the initial 
invite. Your feature request is that you need to retrieve headers from 
any particular SIP message.

The issue was closed because it became evident that documentation was 
updated in trunk that made it clear that the SIP_HEADER() function only 
operates on the initial invite. I then backported that documentation 
change to to 1.8 and 10 as it operates the same way as trunk.

Additionally, because we don't accept feature requests on the tracker 
without submitted code, that is another reason the issue was closed. 
There was no bug in the way SIP_HEADER() operates.

If you or someone else is able to provide your requested feature, then 
feel free to open a new issue and submit your code for testing and review.


Leif Madsen

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