[asterisk-dev] Creating a Load Balanced Asterisk Voice Broadcasting Application

Nick Khamis symack at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 08:20:40 CDT 2011

Hello Everyone,

I am new to asterisk (great product by the way). I have asterisk all
setup and working beautifully on the SIP channel. Also, we have setup
realtime, and got as much as the data asterisk needs in a mysql
database, with everything working perfectly. We are also using
to attempt at load balancing our 4 asterisk nodes. I saw some
documentation on HA but not very many on LB. My first question is, are
you aware of
any up to date documentation or tutorial of Asterisk using
Corosync/OpenAIS to perform High Availability and Load Blanacing. My
second question
is (and hence why I am posting this to the devloper mailing list), we
would like to develop an application that performs voice broadcasting,
at first a
simple (call this number and play message). I know there are some
existing application however, what we would like to do is create our
own app that:

(i)Looks into a mysql table
(ii) get's the phone number that needs to be called (with "called" status=0)
(iii) Makes the call
(iv) Plays message
(v) hangup
(vi) update the database with "called" status = 1 or true

We would also like answering machine detection capabilities which I
know we can get with amd.c...
Using a transactional database such as InnoDB (row locking), and the
"called" field, we can have many asterisk boxes querying the database
and picking up
the next call in the queue. Also in the database is the location of
the recording that will be played.

We would also like to do some polling as well that would require us to
allow the person on the other end interact with the call, and have us
store the pressed keys..

I am sure this has been done time and time again (oerderly calls
etc...) using AGI. We would like to develop an app that we can compile
directly into asterisk.
This will also allow us to learn the internals of asterisk, and maybe
even contribute in the near future.

Your help and direction is greatly appreciated.



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