[asterisk-dev] Reviewboard and commit policy change

Olle E. Johansson oej at edvina.net
Mon Sep 5 07:12:00 CDT 2011


At this point in time we seem to lack resources to handle reviewboard reviews in due time. 

I think we should open for smaller commits from experienced developers - like I see in other parts of Asterisk than chan_sip. I have had a review open for weeks for a trivial change that I've proven in running systems that it prevents crashes. I haven't got a "ship it" during over two weeks in the process so at this moment I can't move it forward. It hangs there in reviewboard and bug tracker while systems are crashing out in the user field.

If things go bad in the svn code, we can fix it. But at this point I feel it's better to fix stuff - even maybe incorrectly - than to wait for a reviewboard process that no one has time to devote to.

Asking for me or others to spend more time in Reviewboard for other persons issues doesn't really help solving this issue - and that is the only response I have gotten so far when trying to discuss this process. In the best of possible worlds we would all have time to work on future stuff, help others with their code and work with bug tracker and reviewboard processes. I don't find myself being able to afford doing that in this world that I live in. But I still want to be able to contribute.

I can accept to use reviewboard for larger changes or additions of new code. But not for code cleanups, smaller bug fixes and such maintenance work. It just adds to the burden of everyone and makes the process take too much time, which means that we won't see this work in subversion. I think that's bad for everyone. 

The question here is: Should we take a bit more risc in order to fix things urgently or accept that bureacracy keeps system crashing?


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