[asterisk-dev] unexpected behavior between chan_sip and chan_iax2 configuration files

Paul Belanger pabelanger at digium.com
Sat Sep 3 12:58:57 CDT 2011

Consider the following two configuration files:

; sip.conf
udpbindaddr =
#include "sip.general.conf.inc"

; sip.general.conf.inc
udpbindaddr =

; iax.conf
bindaddr =
#include "iax.general.conf.inc"

; iax.general.conf.inc
bindaddr =

I would expect both to have the same behavior, which chan_sip.c will 
bind to  This is because, as I understand, chan_sip can 
actually only bind to one interface (due to how it is written).

However with chan_iax2, I am seeing something different.  It not only 
binds to but it also binds to  It seem with the 
bindaddr setting for chan_iax2, it does not override the previous 
setting like chan_sip.c.

I took a look into chan_iax2 and can see why, as the configuration 
setting is read, asterisk binds right away. Where chan_sip, binds after 
all the configuration file settings have been read.

My question is, does chan_iax2 actually support binding to multiple 
interfaces? Making it different then chan_sip or should the binding 
happen like chan_sip, after parsing the complete configuration file?

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