[asterisk-dev] Optional api and weak symbol problem

Terry Wilson twilson at digium.com
Tue Nov 8 09:57:38 CST 2011

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> No, it is childish to introduce trash into source code(trash - is how
> I named cygwin compatibility code) when it still buggy without it.

There is nothing childish about treating the community as adults capable of understanding the concept of "use unsupported code at your own risk." Having #ifdefs around Cygwin-specific code is unlikely to cause issues with other code. As tzafrir said, sometimes people contribute things and later have no time to maintain them.

Asterisk is a community project. Different members of the community need different things. We try to accomodate as many of those people as possible without harming the project. That means that there will sometimes be experimental unsupported features in the code. Those features will not be forced on people or enabled by default. Asterisk is very modular. We *can* tell you what is supported and what is not and let you make up your own mind about what to use. We do this because we default to assuming that our users are not childish.


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