[asterisk-dev] Optional api and weak symbol problem

Yaroslav Panych panych.y at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 05:18:50 CST 2011

No, it is childish to introduce trash into source code(trash - is how
I named cygwin compatibility code) when it still buggy without it. I
don't meant Kevin or somebody else in person, but whole team. Asterisk
already contains a lot of potential deadlocks, resource leaks,
etc(judging of their number they have fixed each release). They do not
spend any time on cygwin to recheck patches, so they cannot be sure
one or another patch will no introduce any deadlock(conclusion "it
seems it will not harm" is not acceptable).

2011/11/8 Jared Smith <jaredsmith at jaredsmith.net>:
>> It is very childish.
> I've known Kevin a long time, and childish is not a word I would use
> to describe him.  He's one of the most competent Asterisk developers
> around, and has shown his expertise in complex coding issues time and
> time again.  Calling one of the core Asterisk developers childish
> doesn't help your cause.

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