[asterisk-dev] bounty for ASTERISK-17474 streaming MusicOnHold bug

Luke Hamburg luke at solvent-llc.com
Mon Nov 7 08:30:21 CST 2011

Hi all-
So I posted this some months back to asterisk-users but I was told that
bounties need to be sent to the -dev list.  I believe this to be a fairly
common issue and I am now bumping my original offer up to $250.  I'm trying
to get the overall bounty up to the $500 mark with help (hopefully) from a
handful of others who I know have been affected by this issue.

Since my original post I've updated my test system to Asterisk 1.8.8-rc2 +
DAHDI and fwiw, no change in regards to the bug.  Here's the
(updated) repost:

I’ve had an issue for over a year affecting MOH + DAHDI timers, I reported
it at:

Basically the MOH channel goes dead after a 'moh reload' command is issued
(these are streaming sources that use mpg123) and will not start back up
unless you do a full asterisk stop/start.  The issue hasn't caught anyone's
attention yet.  So I thought I'd try to put together a bounty to spark some
interest in fixing this issue.  Is anyone else interested in putting up
something to get this bug fixed?  I'd be willing to put up $250 myself.  


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