[asterisk-dev] [Code Review] fix default udptl port range which differs in source / udptl.conf.sample

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Fri Nov 4 04:53:33 CDT 2011

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Since Pauls r1455 is stalled -- thread safety issues -- I'd like to address this old bug.

In udptl.conf.sample the UDPTL port range is 4000-4999.
In udptl.c it is 4500-4599 if you don't have a config file.
If you do have a config file, it's 4500-4999.

I'd like to change them all to 4000-4999. The reason: I suspect that most people using this will have the config file from the samples and thus will already have 4000-4999.
The drawback would be that those that have a smaller range port mapped / firewall-allowed would now get failed UDPTL connections. But, this is what the UPGRADE.txt is for.

I suggest adding it to branch 10 because it is a difference in behaviour, but not large enough that it will spoil the release.

(The changeset also fixes a typo, and the oddity that supplying 4002-4002 would become 4500-4999, while 4002-4003 would become 4002-4002 if you had use_even_ports=yes.)

This addresses bug ASTERISK-16250.


  /branches/10/UPGRADE.txt 343442 
  /branches/10/main/udptl.c 343442 

Diff: https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/1565/diff


It compiles.



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