[asterisk-dev] [Code Review] NetBorder Call Analyzer (Answering Machine Detection) support

Terry Wilson twilson at digium.com
Tue Nov 1 16:44:34 CDT 2011

> I developed a patch for NetBorder Call Analyzer (Answering Machine
> Detection) support.
> Based on code from
> http://download.vicidial.com/asterisk-patches/netborder-cpd-1.4.27.patch
> The code is fully tested (w/o any issues) on my local sandbox.
> I don't know how to register to review board, so here is a link to
> patch:
> http://hsoft.org.ua/development/asterisk/netborder-cpd-

The proper place to post patches is https://issues.asterisk.org/jira. Without an account there and the appropriate waiver on file, the Asterisk devs can't look at your patch. Thanks.


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