[asterisk-dev] Attended transfer of calls when both being recorded can cause "corruption"

Steve Davies davies147 at gmail.com
Wed May 4 09:25:40 CDT 2011

Looking for feedback and opinion please. There are 2 issues that I
consider "fairly serious"

Case 1) I have a patch for and have raised here:


When a call is recording, if one leg is put on hold, audio is
suspended, and later "catches up" when unhold occurs, and a new audio
frame arrives.

When 2 calls are in progress, and both are recording (monitor), if one
call is put on hold and transferred to the other, one call is on hold,
and does not un-hold until after the channels have been masqueraded,
and the "catch-up audio" is then added to the wrong file.

The above patch re-syncs the call recordings before masq'ing the
monitor objects.

Case 2) No patch yet for the 2nd issue. Not sure how to fix it TBH.

If 2 calls are in progress and both being recorded, and they are
transferred in such a way that the call legs that are doing the
monitoring are both destroyed, you end up with no recording.
Similarly, if they are transferred in such a way that both legs that
doing the monitoring are retained, then 2 simultaneous recordings

I am guessing that one call recording in both cases would be the better result?

Thanks for any comments/feedback.


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