[asterisk-dev] Enable Res-timing_timerfd

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at digium.com
Fri Mar 18 14:30:29 CDT 2011

On 03/18/2011 02:24 PM, Paul Belanger wrote:
> On 11-03-18 02:07 PM, Alok Prasad wrote:
>> How to forcefully enabled res_timing_timerfd from 'make
>> menuselect'.right now its disabled (XXX)
>> as i need it to cross compile on system
>> where linux kernel is already greater than 2.6.25.
> $ ./configure
> $ make menuselect.makeopts
> $ menuselect/menuselect --enable res_timing_timerfd menuselect.makeopts
> $ make
> ...

I don't believe that menuselect will enable something for which 
dependency checking resulted in a failure.

Alok: res_timing_timerfd needs a kernel of 2.6.25 or greater *and* glibc 
2.8 or later. Earlier versions of glibc, and probably nearly all other C 
libraries, don't have the API calls required for timerfd to be usable 
from Asterisk. If your cross-compile environment has the proper Linux 
kernel headers and an appropriate version of glibc, then the dependency 
checking for res_timing_timerfd should succeed and it will be enabled.

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