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Exactly as pointed out by Steve:
here you are an example:

4.1.1. You are expressly prohibited from using and shall not use the SkypeKit to develop any of the following:

a.	Regulated Telephony Products, Replacements for Regulated Telephony Products, or Two-way Services: meaning any Product that is considered by applicable law or regulation to be regulated telecommunications or telephony or any service the local authority or regulator finds to be a substitute or replacement for regulated telecommunications or telephony, including Products that provide two-way services through combining Skype's outgoing services with incoming services of any kind;

b.	Product Using Online Numbers or E.164 Numbers: The SkypeKit does not support Online Numbers and you shall not develop any Product that uses or enables the use of or which is based on Skype's Online Numbers or any E.164 numbers;

c.	Web Plug-Ins: meaning any computer program that interacts with a web browser as its host application to handle certain types of data;

d.	Server Based Products: meaning any Product that functions by running one or more copies of the SkypeKit Software (or any part of it) on physical or virtual servers;

e.	Enterprise Hardware Products: meaning any Hardware Product that is developed for, aimed towards or intended for use by small, medium or large businesses or enterprises;

f.	Mobile Applications: meaning any Product developed for use on a mobile wireless communications device with the ability to connect directly to a circuit switched network to enable voice calls ("Mobile Handset");

g.	Tablets: meaning any device that primarily functions as an all purpose personal mobile computer, has an integrated touch screen, operates by touching the screen rather than a physical keyboard and runs on the Android or iOS operating system;

h.	Products with Restricted Features: meaning any Product which incorporates, includes, enables or makes available any features which are the same or similar to the Skype Paid For Features ("Restricted Features"). Notwithstanding the foregoing, you shall not be precluded from offering (i) features similar to the Skype Paid For Features where such features are enabled through a separate and independent executable software application that has not been developed with and which does not use or interact in any way with the SkypeKit Software; or (ii) PSTN-to-PSTN calling functionality that is (x) independently incorporated within a SkypeKit Product offering traditional phone calling; and (y) does not have recourse to the public internet as part of the receipt or initiation of the PSTN call, and (z) has not been developed in any way using the SkypeKit Software (for example, a 'dual phone'). If Skype makes new Skype Paid For Features available through the SkypeKit after the date that you enter into this Agreement ("New Restricted Features"), the restriction set forth in this Section shall equally apply to such New Restricted Features six (6) months from the date that Skype first makes such New Restricted Features available through the SkypeKit;

May be it's better to look at something different.


Il giorno 29/giu/2011, alle ore 16.44, Steve Underwood ha scritto:

> On 06/29/2011 07:04 PM, Jay R. Worthington wrote:
>> http://blogs.skype.com/developer/2011/06/bringing_video_to_the_next_wav.html
> Skypekit seems to be nearly useless. There are so many conditions about what you can and can't do with it that every application I've considered is prohibited.
> Steve
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