[asterisk-dev] patching libpri-

bilal ghayyad bilmar_gh at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 14 18:36:53 CDT 2011

Hi All;

I appreciate if u can help me because I am facing a problem that I always get:

[Jun 16 02:30:30] WARNING[2509]: sig_pri.c:985 pri_find_dchan: Span 1: No D-channels available!  Using Primary channel as D-channel anyway!

So, I decided to patch the libpri-, and I downloaded libpri-

Now to apply it, I have typed patch -p0 -i libpri-, I am doing it correct? 

Because what I saw after I typed the patch command that Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected!  Assume -R? [n]

And when it reached for the q931, then it failed to patch even.

Maybe the libpri- has a problem and was not updated well, so even patching it is not possible !! Or I am missing something?

Why it detected the patch and I was not patched it? And why it gaves a fail in some hauk for the q931 and reject to save it?

Shall I come back for previous version? 

Any help?

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