[asterisk-dev] Help Need Asterisk SMS code and procedure

Richard Mudgett rmudgett at digium.com
Fri Jun 10 09:56:02 CDT 2011

> I am not able to find out which function and configuration I need to
> add in extenstion.conf for SMS.
> The exercise what I am doing is trying to send message for SIP Number
> 1000 to Sip Number 2000.
> Based on this function i want to make a CLI command that will do
> similar thing as dialplan function.
> The CLI argumant is like to from "message" where to is destination SIP
> number and from is sender SIP number.
Please read the CHANGES file.  The first section is about messaging.
Further online help is available from the CLI about MESSAGE(), MESSAGE_DATA(), and MessageSend().


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