[asterisk-dev] Develop own channel

Stepchenko Aleksey V. aleksey.stepchenko at nl.allieddata.com
Fri Jun 3 08:06:55 CDT 2011


If there some documentation/example that  show how to write own channel
like  chan_gtalk.c or chan_xxx.c

I'm interesting in such example that can say like this:

-  if your device is ringing after INVITE message  you should generate
TONE signal by Asterisk API or by your application and use such Asterisk
 - if you accept call you should read incoming RTP frames from this
endpoint and put it there
 - if you are dialling you should do this step and this step
 - ...

Because I've have own DSP that can generate RTP stream but I can'
understand how to join my RTP with Asterisk RTP.

Or at least get remote endpoint to write it into RTP stream

Best regards,
    Stepchenko Aleksey

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