[asterisk-dev] Asterisk 1.10 - Upcoming Beta

Gregory Nietsky gregnietsky at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 01:45:27 CDT 2011

There are 2 substantial chunks im working with some chan_h323 bits ive 
1/2 abandoned

app_queue #18826 #18794 #18825 RB:1119 /team/irroot/app_queue-trunk
res_fax/res_fax_spandsp #13405 #19183 RB:1116 RB:1174 
chan_h323 #16619 #18670 RB:1117 [if anyone wants to finish this off] 

some small chages
pickup macro before bridgeing to allow removing/setting channel groups 
monitor [fix call waiting] #18830 RB:1118
SRTP changes #19335 RB:1173 [allow making encryption=try attempt 
encryption reply with inbound auth tag len and allow setting authtag len]

And my latest brain child to prevent fraud
better handling of TLS [there is a segfault in verifypeer=yes]
check CRL's
and add function ${TCPTLS(....)} to beable to get TLS details ie cert 
subj [CN....] and status

i have a CA linked to the prov server to push CERTS to the phones and 
then reject them based on CRL
and have option to check the subj in dialplan to verify things like 
hotdesking ....


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