[asterisk-dev] LLVM GCC in trunk

Tilghman Lesher tilghman at meg.abyt.es
Fri Jan 21 03:58:19 CST 2011

I've made a change to the configure script in trunk, which makes configure
prefer the compiler llvm-gcc, if available.  This compiler uses the gcc
frontend for code syntax but a separate code optimizer.  It results in a
massive reduction in code size, as well as a possible speed increase.  I'm
interested in hearing if anybody either a) has an issue with the llvm-gcc
compiler (you shouldn't; if unavailable, Asterisk will continue to use
gcc), or b) can test the code for performance, when compiled with
llvm-gcc.  Incidentally, llvm-gcc is exactly what Apple has renamed as gcc,
on Darwin-based systems, such as Mac OS X.  In other words, some developers
may already be using llvm-gcc and not realize it.  It's therefore less
useful as an experiment on OS X systems than it would be on Linux machines.

This change may wind up getting reverted, if a problem arises, but I wanted
to call attention to this change now, so that we may all be aware of it and
verify that it has no negative side-effects.


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