[asterisk-dev] Patch: add MeetMe-like 'x' option to ConfBridge

Ian Pilcher arequipeno at gmail.com
Thu Jan 20 22:30:48 CST 2011

This my first go at adding a feature, so please be gentle (or at least
constructive ;-) ).

The attached patch adds a MeetMe-like 'x' option to the ConfBridge
application.  (Note that *all* marked users must specify this option for
it to work reliably; I'm not sure if this is true of MeetMe or not.)  I
also added a 'Q' option, which suppresses playing the "the leader has
left the conference" message without disabling entry and exit sounds.

I have this deployed in "production" at home, where I use ConfBridge to
set up "dynamic" bridges when one person wants to join another's call.
The need for the 'x' option is pretty strong in this scenario, since we
don't want to allow an external call to keep the bridge going after all
of the home extensions hang up.

(Note:  I'm using 1.6 at home, but the attached patch is against SVN

I'm obviously interested in any pointers and feedback.  I'd be
particularly appreciative if someone who understands the locking
requirements could take a look; I basically just copied what I saw
elsewhere in app_confbridge.c.

The other question is ... where to go from here.  Should I open a
feature request in the Issue Tracker?  Different pages say different
things on that subject.  If not, are patches which add features tracked
anywhere?  (I have created an account and signed the contributor


Ian Pilcher                                         arequipeno at gmail.com
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