[asterisk-dev] mobile integration with asterisk - was in asterisk-users before

Wolfgang Pichler wpichler at yosd.at
Wed Jan 19 06:43:21 CST 2011

hi all,

i have got absolut no response to my mail in asterisk-users - so maybe
it is really more a -dev mail as a -users mail...

here is the mail:

a customer does want to have mobile integration within his asterisk
based pbx - i have already an idea how to provide it - but wanted to
ask here if someone already has an better approach - or other ideas...

What the customer basically wants is to see the status of employees
mobile phone.
Other functions would be:
 - transfer call to mobile (thats not a problem)
 - transfer call from mobile to pbx extension (hmmm......)
 - pickup call ringing on mobile (are you crazy man.... ?)
 - have access to pbx phonebook on mobile (not really an asterisk related thing)
 - see status of other employees on mobile
 - directly call extensions from mobile
 - transfer calls to voicemail from mobile

How to make this possible ?
 - I think there is no way around to create an application for the
mobile - iphone, android, blackberry suppored
 - application must communicate with server - the xmpp protocol comes in mind
 - application does watch mobile status - and does set presence
according to mobile status
 - asterisk does read presence from xmpp server
 - pbx phonebook by using ldap - maybe sync with mobile phonebook
 - call extensions on pbx - lets only sent a xmpp message to asterisk
- and let asterisk dial me - then the extension
 - pickup the call ringing on the mobile - asterisk will send a xmpp
message to the mobile - the mobile will forward (redirect - is
redirect possible with gsm ?) current ringing call to the given number
 - transfer call from mobile to pbx extension ?  no idea about this...

Does something like this already exist for asterisk ? (i have seen
something like this for ther pbxes...)

Someone else interested in this ?

best regards,

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