[asterisk-dev] res_calendar and self signed certs

--[ UxBoD ]-- uxbod at splatnix.net
Mon Jan 17 10:23:47 CST 2011

Hello all,

I have an idea for a potential feature request and looking for guidance on how it could be implemented.

This was tested using Asterisk 1.8.2 with res_calendar pointing at a Zimbra server.

When a HTTPS URL points to a server with a self signed cert one receives the following error message:

[Jan 17 09:23:35] WARNING[27663]: res_calendar_icalendar.c:146
fetch_icalendar: Unable to retrieve iCalendar 'testcal' from
'https://office.test.net/home/teamshare@test.net/Calendar/': Server
certificate verification failed: issuer is not trusted

I believe that if an additional option was added to calendar.conf eg:

type = ical
url =    ; URL to shared calendar (Zimbra example)
user =   ; web username
secret = ; web password
cert   = ; path to cert CA

the CA could then be loaded using:

void ne_ssl_trust_cert (ne_session *session, const ne_ssl_certificate

as in example code from

I believe it is a trivial change and I would be willing to have a code at making the changes and testing with some help.

Thoughts ?
Thanks, Phil

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