[asterisk-dev] New manager command QueueSync - request for comments

Leif Madsen leif.madsen at asteriskdocs.org
Sun Jan 16 07:48:06 CST 2011

Yes please. The only way the Digium developers can look at the code is to have 
it submitted to Mantis first, and then posting to reviewboard after that (your 
account names should ideally be the same on both sites).


On 11-01-12 11:26 AM, Mark Murawski wrote:
> Ah... that looks useful. Is this something you're interested in contributing to
> mainline? If so... make a mantis account if you haven't done so already
> (issues.asterisk.org) and then head over to the reviewboard
> (reviewboard.asterisk.org) and upload the entire diff.

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