[asterisk-dev] Setting up a development environment for Asterisk

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Wed Jan 12 02:38:02 CST 2011

My 2 cents opinion:
I want to point out that I have built some applications that are the at the
core business for several companies, with over 30 million $US in capital,
and I have never touched or changed the source code. My main contribution is
to find bugs, when they are obvious, and to scream for changes when they are
badly required by the business. This, to build "telephony applications" and
to develop inside the Asterisk project, are completely separate animals.

On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 3:18 AM, Klaus Darilion <
klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at> wrote:

> Nick Khamis wrote:
>> Following my defence, I plan on developing a number of telephony
>> applications that will use asterisk, hopefully with some guidance from you
>> gents.
> I do not know how familiar you are already with Asterisk - but for
> developing "telephony applications" most of the people actually doe not have
> to modify the code at all.  Asterisk has lots of
> applications/functions/interfaces which allow you to define "telephony
> applications" on a higher level in the dialplan (extensions.conf), in
> external scipts (AGI) or in external applications (AMI).
> So, before starting coding you should verify if maybe all is already
> possible by just putting the existing pieces together.
> regards
> Klaus
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