[asterisk-dev] Setting up a development environment for Asterisk

Nick Khamis symack at gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 17:19:02 CST 2011

Hello Tilghman,

>What I'm specifically afraid of is that this will become
>your only contribution, you disappear, and you leave behind a set of files
>to maintain

That is a very valid point you make. Currently I am working on my master
thesis which is nearing
the end (1-2months). That being said, I am really strapped for time right
now, so what I am
proposing will be done on my spare time at first.
Following my defence, I plan on developing a number of telephony
applications that will use asterisk, hopefully with some guidance from you

>I'd encourage you to learn the existing system, first, before embarking
>on a quest to convert Asterisk to using Eclipse

Building a set of eclipse projects using the asterisk modules will be my
initial attempt in familiarizing
myself with the responsibilities of the different modules. I will be
constantly building, running, and testing the major functionality as I
append source code to a module. This will help me in the long run when
developing applications that use the different parts of asterisk.

I am aware of how large and complex asterisk has become over the years, and
I understand that this will take a lot of patience and persistence at first.
I just wanted to let everyone know what I am planning on doing just in case
there was additional interest in the migration.


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