[asterisk-dev] Asterisk crashes when receiving SIP answer (200OK)

ISABEL ORDAS ARNAL ioa at tid.es
Mon Feb 21 09:07:34 CST 2011

Ok, I solved the problem.
It seems it was a problem with setting flags.

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Am 21.02.2011 11:35, schrieb ISABEL ORDAS ARNAL:
> Hi all, I am developing a new module for Asterisk and I need to call
> a SIP peer from it. I have copied dial_exec method and
> wait_for_answer from app_dial.c into my code. Everything goes fine
> and the destination peer is ringing correctly, but when it answers
> the call, Asterisk crashes. The protocol I am using is SIP and
> Asterisk sends the ACK correctly when 200OK is sent at the time of
> answering. What is wrong? Could anyone help? Thank you all,

Configure your OS to make a core dump. Then analyze the core dump
backtrace with gdb.


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