[asterisk-dev] [OT] - Question about dev activity

Pablo Perez pablo-asterisk at mirlingua.net
Tue Feb 15 19:53:13 CST 2011

Hello everyone and sorry for my extremely off-topic irruption into your 
mailing list :)

I am doing a bit of research about the Asterisk Community for a FOSS course.

Can anyone tell me / point to the answer to this 2 questions?

1. How many people has contributed to code in the last six months?

2. How large is the community?

And then, if you have 2 spare more seconds, maybe it would be really 
interesting if you could tell me your impressions about this other two 

3. Licensing. To which extent does it affect to you the licensing policy 
of asterisik? You reckon it stops many many other hackers to contribute?

4. What about subversion? Won't you be better off with a distributed 
version control system.

Again, I am extremely sorry for harassing you with these questions. 
Really. But you can always delete it after a quick scan, and maybe 
someone would like to share their thoughts with me...

Cheers, and keep up the good work,

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