[asterisk-dev] Sip-i

Freddi Hansen fh at danovation.dk
Tue Feb 15 15:37:11 CST 2011

when I decode sip-i extensions i get the application/isup;version=itu-t92+
and a 'Multipart Media encapsulation' with MIME type=binary.
I can decode the binary isup object but do sometimes miss the last part 
of the object due to '\0'.

I did move my new function 'find_sipi_isup' to be the first thing in 
handle_request_do() so i gets called before parse_request which inserts 
'\0' at line ends.

I stil get som truncated isup objects which as I see comes from the 
copying from readbuf to req buffer. ( ast_str_set(&req.data, 0, "%s", 

Do I really have to work directly in readbuf to extract a binary object 
from the incoming packet ? or did I miss something.

Is there special locking issues to watch out for If I have to extract 
directly from readbuf, I haven't made patches for this part of * before.

Looks to me like we can't handle binary data in the present design.


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